The best material, beautiful and long lasting.

Carrying the spirit of java, we present selected products in our collection.

About Us

With decades of experience in teak manufacturing, Goods of Java showcases the best blend of local Jepara Indonesian craftsmanship and modern design.

This combination allows us to participate in furniture trends and innovations, with every piece of Good of Java product being a work of art that will last for generations.

Our Services

Showroom Retails

We work with retail stores and online retailers worldwide to supply competitively priced indoor teak furniture.

Worldwide Shipping

Shipping worldwide, Goods of Java works with many shipping service providers across the globe. So, don't be afraid that your goods will be safe until they reach their destination.

Project & Commercials

We provide the best quality Indonesian teak furniture for various businesses such as bars, villas, hotels, restaurants and housing at competitive prices.

Our Colection

Explore the latest teak furniture collection from Goods of Java. A collection of high-quality teak indoor furniture allows you to choose one product at a time that best fits the room in your home, hotel or restaurant. Furniture in each category is available for individual or wholesale purchase.

Contact Us

Jhoti : xxxxxxxxx

Ferdian Anggoro : +62 81375763698

Jl. Sultan Hadlirin RT 01 RW 02 Desa Sukodono Kecamatan Tahunan

Kabupaten Jepara, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia